‘God will be glorified’ in effort to pass anti-LGBT Amendment One

TweetThe Christian Action League, perhaps among one of the most far-right, anti-LGBT hate groups in North Carolina, posted yesterday an extraordinary insight into their religiously-bigoted efforts to write discrimination into our state constitution and further increase the hate-filled, divisive politics that has become the brand of modern-day right-wing ideologues. The Rev. Rocky Carpenter, pastor of Harmony Community Church in Peachland, N.C., has... Read More

Anti-gay Christian activist breaks the Eighth Commandment

Tweet“Neither shalt thou steal.” Obviously, the good pastor heading up Raleigh’s Christian Action League forgot that morsel of divine revelation when he disregarded my publisher’s copyright notice on the bottom of our website and in the pub box of our print edition and copied and pasted my Feb. 20 Editor’s Note from QNotes into his March 9 “Urgent Action Alert.” For the record, QNotes‘ website states:... Read More

N.C. fundamentalists’ much ado about nothing

TweetThe Christian Action League of North Carolina‘s executive director, Mark Creech, a regular criticizee of my blogging here at InterstateQ.com, is making much ado about nothing. He’s trotted out a scare tactic for local churches, urging them to “protect themselves” from legal challenges of gay activists. What’s so unfortunate is that he considers long-time, much loved church members a threat: A church refuses to consider... Read More

Anti-gay N.C. teetotallers struggling to pay off 2008 debt

TweetBefore the Christmas holiday, Mark Creech, the president of the N.C. Christian Action League announced the anti-gay organization was more than $15,000 in debt. He pleaded for churches to help solve the debt before the end of the year. It didn’t happen. Now, the Christian Action League needs more money and they want their 2008 debt paid off by Jan. 28, the beginning of the new state legislative session. You know, though, if the tables were... Read More

Weekend radical right wrap-up

TweetA few items of note from the weekend, from the void-of-all-reality world of the Radical Right… The N.C. Christian Action League‘s correspondent L.A. Williams and executive director Rev. Mark Creech attempt to paint all LGBT people as violent — “He said as discouraging as the nationwide Prop. 8 protests are, they serve a function in uncovering motives,” Williams writes. “‘The violence of some protesters... Read More

N.C. Right lays out its post-election action plan

TweetThe Christian Action League of North Carolina’s executive director, the Rev. Mark Creech, says Christians were “body slammed” at the polls. Obama’s won. The Tar Heel State went blue. Indeed, his world must be coming to an end. But, no! He finds hope! The Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, admitted late this week that he has truly grieved over what he likened to believers’ being “body... Read More

What about the kids? N.C. Christian Action League more concerned with the sex

TweetOn Monday I posted again about the N.C. Christian Action League’s misleading words and tactics regarding the School Violence Prevention Act (HB 1366). That was after first exposing their inaccurate op-ed written by Mary Frances Forrester, wife of anti-gay, anti-marriage amendment supporter state Sen. Jim Forrester (R-Gaston). Late last evening, the Christian Action League sent out an action alert on the bill and I immediately noticed one... Read More

N.C. Christian Action League misleads again

TweetInterstateQ.com was the first to tell you about the Christian Action League of North Carolina and the misleading, inaccurate op-ed written by Mary Frances Forrester, wife of anti-gay state Sen. Jim Forrester (R-Gaston County). Now, the Christian Action League is misleading the public and their members again. From a recent Christian Action League article on the advance of the School Violence Prevention Act (HB 1366), emphasis mine: “We can’t... Read More

Christian Action League responds to ‘Agenda’ criticism

TweetThe president of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, the Rev. Mark Creech, has responded to my various criticisms of an earlier op-ed published on their website (“The Real Homosexual Agenda” Feb. 29, 2008) by Mary Frances Forrester, wife of anti-gay marriage amendment sponsor N.C. State Sen. Jim Forrester. In his piece, “Responding to Criticisms of Mary Francis Forrester’s Op-Ed,” Creech satisfactorily addresses... Read More

Gambling, taxes and sin

TweetNOTE: Please see addendum at bottom of this post. The N.C. Education Lottery, and the way in which it was established by the State of North Carolina, will be the subject of a state Supreme Court case. According to the Charlotte Observer, a N.C. Appellate Court ruled March 18 that the lottery was legally instituted. The debate stems from how the lottery should have been established, whether the lottery is considered a “tax” from the... Read More

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