Racist graffiti at NC State University

TweetNC State will never live down its horrible reputation as the most backward, most hate-filled college campus in North Carolina. If they were located in South Carolina, their only competitor might be Bob Jones University. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, four NC State students have admitted to painting violent, threatening and racist graffiti directed toward President-elect Barack Obama in the campus’ Free Expression Tunnel.... Read More

NC State LGBT center opens, campus bigotry continues

TweetIn the fall of 2006, I followed closely the debate over a proposed LGBT student center at N.C. State University in Raleigh. The sheer amount of bigotry, prejudice and ignorance exposed during that time was astonishing. The university’s campus paper, The Technician, reports that the LGBT center has now had its official opening. Now, almost a year and a half after the proposal for the center first surfaced, the rabid-like nature of anti-gay... Read More

Almost a year later, debate over NC State LGBT Center still rolling

TweetLast fall students at NC State University became embroiled in a bitter dispute and campus debate over a proposal to create a center for LGBT students. In numerous posts I profiled the anti-gay statements, some of them quite extreme in their verbally and physically violent nature, from a Facebook.com group named “Students against NCSU LGBT Center.” Now, almost a year later, the debate rolls on. In the August 29, 2007 issue of The Technician... Read More

A threat to justice everywhere

TweetSomeone grabbed hold of the issue of the proposed LGBT student center at NC State University and posted a little about it on The Data Lounge, a large, 10 year old, well-trafficked online forum for the LGBT community. Someone else posted portions of my various posts on NC State and the hateful and sometimes extremely violent language about LGBT people from NC State students. Yet another someone else grabbed hold of a portion of one of those posts... Read More

NC State holds student forum on LGBT center

TweetLast night, the NC State University Student Government held a town-hall style student forum to provide for question-answer discussion on the proposed LGBT student center on the campus (see all past posts, including the “NC State rears its ugly anti-gay face series” here). I was able to drive down to Raleigh yesterday evening in order to hear the forum (and record it for those who couldn’t make it – scroll to the bottom... Read More

NC State Senate forum on LGBT Center

TweetThe NC State University Student Senate will, as alluded to nearly a month ago, hold a student forum on the issue of the proposed LGBT student center on the campus next week. In mid-October the NC State Student Senate approved a measure in support of creating a resource center for LGBT students in an already existing building on the campus of the University. The measure’s approval quickly created a firestorm of opposition from students on... Read More

NC State rears its ugly anti-gay face #10

TweetI’m fair. I’m nice. I’m compassionate. I report things just the way they are, when they are. I really do. I try not to be too biased, unless of course I’m deliberately trying to give my opinion on a specific subject. Here now, is one of those many times where I “report things just the way they are, when they are.” A week or so ago I introduced you all to NC State student Kaye Crowle who said some pretty extraordinarily,... Read More

NC State rears its ugly anti-gay face #9

TweetSince this post, NC State student Kaye Crowle has issued a public apology for her remarks. While this post will stay up, as is, I hope that you will read her public apology and thank Kaye for her bravery and humility in making such a public apology. Wow… someone isn’t too happy with me. I doubt this post will make it any better. Maybe NC State needs to teach their students something about how life works. When you put something online... Read More

NC State rears its ugly anti-gay face #8

TweetNC State LGBT Center. The most up-to-date news right here. Alright… It has been a while. Here’s your latest update on the anti-gay bigotry, hate and prejudice oozing from our “highly respected” institution of higher education: NC State University. All of it started when the NC State Student Senate approved a proposal in support of an LGBT student center. Debate on campus and on a Facebook group entitled “Students... Read More

Last week’s missing Carolinian column found: ‘NC State rears its ugly, red, anti-gay face’

TweetYay. Finally. It was supposed to be in last week’s paper but there was a mix-up and it is in this week’s paper. I had provided a sneak peek a couple of weeks ago. So… Without further ado: N.C. State’s ugly, red, anti-gay face LGBT student center need is proven Matt Hill Comer, Don’t Ask (I’m Telling) Issue date: 11/7/06 Section: Opinions Note from the editor: The column that ran under Matt Hill Comer’s... Read More

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