UNCASG defeats LGBT-inclusive proposal

TweetThe University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments (UNCASG), the state-wide student government of The University of North Carolina System, held their General Assembly meeting on Saturday, April 22, 2006, at East Carolina University in Greenville. ECU Student Body President M. Cole Jones and the Student Government of ECU played fine hosts to the event making sure that the UNCASG delegations’ needs were met throughout Friday... Read More

UNCASG equal opportunity clause debate hits news

TweetMore UNCASG updates available by clicking here The Carolinian, UNCG’s independent student newspaper, published an article on the proposal to add sexual orientation and gender to the UNC Association of Student Governments equal opportunity clause in its April 18, 2006 edition. Although the article is lacking in some details not available to them by press time, it is overall a good article. A couple of mistakes (no biggies though) were in... Read More

Video: UNC statewide student gov’t & LGBTQI students

TweetNOTE (02/11/2007 1:15am): The video below was only a preview of a more in-depth, well-researched and presented video. After learning of some very important and interesting information regarding the adoption of a completely new constitution for UNCASG, the focus of the video will be changing a bit. The interviews in the video preview below may or may not be included in the final video version. _____________________________________________ Many... Read More

The stories & issues: the year that was 2006

TweetIt’s that time of year, when the world falls in love every song you hear seems to say… Boy am I glad this year is over. 2006 was full… chock full of issue after issue, controversy after controversy, work, work and more work. But it was a good year, too. So now… the top stories of 2006. They aren’t ranked in any order, they’re just listed, beginning with January 2006 all the way through December: 1. The Alternative... Read More

UNCG, the UNC-System & LGBT students

TweetIn the past few days news has come about two North Carolina schools which made a list of the top-100 LGBT-friendly colleges and universities in the United States. Both Duke University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made the list. Duke University made the number two spot, in fact. This post is an attempt to address the problems within The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, The University of North Carolina (entire... Read More

UNCG Student Senate rescinds vote on LGBT inclusive legislation

TweetDISCLAIMER: I am currently the Chairman of the Student Senate Legislative Committee and the main sponsor of the legislation in question. On Tuesday eveningĂ‚ in a meeting of the UNCG Student Senate, members of the body rescinded a positive vote on LGBT inclusive legislation. SR-83-13, known commonly as the “Resolution for ASG Non-Discrimination Inclusion”, is a piece of legislation sponsored and introduced by myself and co-sponsored... Read More

The UNC system student government, diversity & LGBT students

Tweet As many of you know, I have served in the Student Government Association of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, since my freshman year here. I started out in August 2004 as an at-large Senator and then became the Organizational Senator for UNCG PRIDE!, our campus LGBTQA student organization. During my time in Student Government and even now while I serve as Chair of the Student Senate Legislative Committee, I have made sure to represent... Read More